Ravensden CE Primary School

Lunch Menus

These are cooked at Scott Primary School and delivered to the school by Caterlink in ‘stay hot’ containers by taxi. The children have a choice of two or three meals each day and make their choice at registration time. If you wish to choose your child’s meal then you need to do so at the office before school starts or by phone or e-mail. The dinner lady who serves the lunches to the children at 12.00pm every day is employed by Caterlink. The cost is currently £2.15 per day (Kingfishers Class) and £2.25 per day (Kestrels Class) for a child’s lunch. ‘Dinner money’ must be paid before the meals are taken. Caterlink will send reminders of any monies owed, but payment should be given on the day or in advance.


Caterlink do not offer a credit service.


Please send dinner money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class on the front to ensure that your child will receive a meal. You may pay daily, weekly, monthly or half termly. There are offers for booking a number of meals in advance. See the attached information for details about how to claim  this offer. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Caterlink’. Envelopes for your payment are available from the office.

This term’s menu is attached here:

Free School Meals

If you would like to check if your child  may be eligible for Free School Meals you can collect an information sheet and form from the school office. The school receives additional funding for all children who are eligible to claim for Free School Meals (£600 this school year). We can use this funding for your child’s school activities, trips and other individually designed programmes but the school only receive this funding if you actually register your child for Free School Meals. Your child does not have to take the school meal every day to qualify for the funding.