Year 5 Trip to British Museum on Fri 23rd February 2018

  January 25, 2018

Year 5 Trip to British Museum on Fri 23rd February 2018

Kestrels Year 5 Visit to the British Museum

As I hope you are aware, this term in Year 5 we are exploring the lives of the ancient Egyptians as
part of our creative curriculum.
In order to support the children’s learning, we are delighted to inform you that we have
arranged to visit the British Museum in Bloomsbury, London on Friday 23rd February. The
Museum houses an extensive collection of Egyptian artefacts – including mummies – and is
therefore the ideal destination for children studying this theme.

This visit is for year 5 children only, and they will be accompanied by Mrs Ridley, Miss
Chirico and Mrs Campbell. We will be travelling to London by train and we aim to catch the
9:40 service from Bedford. We will walk from St Pancras to the British Museum (this will take
approximately 25 minutes) so no tube travel will be required. In the event of heavy rain, we
will catch a bus.

Once at the museum, we will have time to explore the Egyptian rooms before taking part in a
special, interactive session for schools on Egyptian mummies. There will then be time for
further exploration, lunch and finally a visit to the shop to get an inexpensive souvenir.
We will then return to the station and catch the 15:01 train, which is scheduled to arrive in
Bedford at 15:36.