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Curriculum Details

Curriculum Details

Early Years Curriculum:




Summary sheet on Early Years Education Birth to Five

Pre-school: Your child from birth to five years old follows the:

EYFS framework from 1 September 2014

Development-Matters EYFS

A Know How Guide to the EYFS progress check at age two


Reception Year – your child starts the main school and follows the:

Foundation Stage: following the final part of the EYFS framework (see above)

Final Outcomes:  Early Learning Goals for Parents

Phonics Read Write INc. information with link toParent Videos and tips

Phonics Curriculum RWInc 2017



Ages 5-7:  Year 1 to Year 2 children follow the Key Stage 1 curriculum

Years 1 & 2 -Swallows

Swallows Class Newsletter – Autumn 2019


Ages 7-9: Year 3 to Year 4 children follow the Lower Key Stage 2 curriculum

Years 3 & 4 -Kingfishers

Kingfishers Year 3 Autumn Newsletter 2019

Kingfishers Year 4 Autumn Newsletter 2019



Ages 9-11 Year 5 to Year 6

Year 5  -Kestrels

Kestrels Year 5 Autumn Newsletter 2019

Kestrels Year 6 Autumn Newsletter 2019



Year 1 Teaching Overview
Year 2 Teaching Overview
Year 3 Teaching Overview
Year 4 Curriculum Overview
Year 5 Curriculum Overview



We follow a high quality phonics curriculum based on Read Write Inc (Pearson)

Phonics Read Write INc. information with link toParent Videos and tips

Key Stage 1 Years 1&2 English Curriculum
Key Stage 2 Years 3&4 English Curriculum


Science and Foundation Subjects:

Programmes of Study Key Stage 1– Science and Foundation Subjects

Programmes of Study Key Stage 2 – Science and Foundation Subjects


Creative Curriculum:

Creative Curriculum – Topic Coverage since 2013