September 2017: This is our first year as a Primary School. This year we have just year 9 children with their class teacher:Miss Chirico and Senior Learning Support Assistant;  Mrs Campbell.

Our New class Kestrels is a mixed class of Year 5 & 6; new in September 2018.

Year 5 Trip to British Museum on Fri 23rd February 2018

Kestrels Year 5 Visit to the British Museum

As I know you are aware, in the Spring term in Year 5 we explored the lives of the ancient Egyptians as part of our creative curriculum. In order to support the children’s learning, we are delighted to inform you that we enjoyed a wonderful visit the British Museum in Bloomsbury, London on Friday 23rd February.

At the Museum we saw  an extensive collection of Egyptian artefacts – including mummies – so it was therefore the ideal destination for children as they were studying this theme.

This visit was for year 5 children only, and they were be accompanied by Mrs North, Miss Chirico and Mrs Campbell. We will be travelled to London by train and – a real adventure for some who hadn’t  travelled by train before!
We then walked from St Pancras to the British Museum.

Once at the museum, we will had plenty of time to explore the Egyptian rooms looking especially at the beautifully decorated Egyptian  Egyptian mummy cases and saw incredibly well preserved mummies also! A great day was had by all. #You can see the pictures below: